Specialized WatchGuard Training 

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Many of our students and our customers come to us from time to time asking for more specialised training on specific opics that relate to the WatchGuard Firewall products as well as Internet Security in general. Due to this, DCS Netlink has launched a series of classes to help fulfil the requests from our customers. Typically these classes are lower cost,  intensive hands-on classes that help our customers lock down their networks more effectively. These classes are normally 4 hours in length and offer an in-depth view to a specific topic. These classes have been hugely popular, are nearly always filled to capacity, and fill quickly. For course, information views our course schedule or call us at 715-236-7424 for our upcoming half-day and full day                                                                                             specialised courses.

Previous custom classes have included:

> WatchGuard Update Training
> Logging & Logfile Analysis> Mobile User VPN
> In Depth Reporting
> Default Packet Handling
> Pen Testing & Network Auditing
> 1 Day Server Management & VPN Class

In conjunction with these custom classes, DCS Netlink has created a seminar series that is presented throughout the year at a variety of locations. This series we have named .COMbat. During the .COMbat training seminars DCS Netlink presents a more generic approach to Internet Security that is not as product specific as our WatchGuard Training. These seminars are held to raise the awareness and need for Internet Security, as well as informational topics geared towards different job fields that deal with Internet Security. At our seminars we bring in many speakers to include WatchGuard, the FBI, General Dynamics Intelligence & AeroSpace Division, Motivational Speakers, IT Legal Companies, CyberSecurity Task Force Members, and many many more best of breed Internet Security companies from around the nation.

.COMbat topics include:

> Security Is Everyone's Business starting with the CEO
Meet Bobby Blackhat (your local CyberThug)
> Stop Bobby Blackhat
.COMbat 101 (2 Day)
> VPN's and TCO
> What is a VPN and how can it help me?
> The simplified approach to network assessment
> Mitigating Risk In Your Enterprise
> Security Policies and Procedures Simplified
> Layered Security, Your Best Defense

For more information on our .COMbat series, please contact us at 715-236-7424 or 877-327-6385.