.COMBat Training 

Internet Security. What a complex issue. How can we get our arms around the concepts and the steps?

Are we Secure? Where can we go to find out more? What can we do to
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protect my network?

These are questions that we hear from customers literally every day. It does not matter whether you are a small organization with less than 10 computers, or a multi-departmental, global enterprise, we hear the same questions.

DCS Netlink realizes that regardless of what type of firewall you may have or what size organization you work for, the same basic principles apply. Because of this we created a custom 2 day class to help you understand the issues of Internet Security. The Internet has become a battlezone where hackers, trojans, viruses, and other malicious individuals and programs thrive. To successfully survive business on the Internet today every network or security administrator needs to understand the basics.

.COMbat 101

This course is specifically designed for administrators that are trying to wrap their arms around Internet Security within their environment. With simple, easy to understand labs, action oriented examples, intensive hands on experiences, and an introduction to a variety of simple tools, we guarantee that you will leave this class with a list of action items and tools that you can immediately put to use when you return to your business. Understand your network better, control trojans and viruses in your environment, audit your own systems, the list goes on and on.

Day 1
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Meet Bobby Blackhat. Bobby Blackhat is the DCS Netlink version of the "Bad Guys". Join us as we see him in action as he "Hacks" an FTP server and Web server live in front of your eyes. Most administrators never get the opportunity to see the Internet from the eyes of the bad guy. We do not understand how he does what he does, what motivates him or her, as well as truly understand the weaknesses that we have in our networks and how Bobby and his kind use this against us. Bobby helps us understand the true problems in Internet Security, raise our awareness, and prep our students for an informative, action oriented, and sometimes very entertaining 2 day ride.

Other topics of day 1 include:

  • Penetration testing "Viewing what Bobby can See"
  • Ingress Filtering your Firewall (Controlling Inbound Traffic)
  • Egress Filtering your Firewall (Controlling Outbound Traffic)
  • Logfile Analysis
  • Network Device Discovery
  • Locking down network devices
  • Wireless Security

Day 1 is littered with pertinent information and hands on labs concentrating on network level devices. Learn what tools are available, how to use them, as well as Team A against Team B real world challenges to reinforce your skills.

Day 2

After an exhaustive and fun filled day of network discovery and auditing, we move deeper into your network and begin working at the PC and Server based products in your environment. From hands on device discovery to patch management and cracking passwords across the network to audit network policies, we begin another hands on day of network security.

Topics of Day 2 include:

  • PC / Server Device Discovery
  • Password concepts and auditing
  • Patch Management and System Lockdowns
  • Understanding Basic Risk Assessment
  • Policies & Procedures
  • End User Education

Once again, simple tools, hands on labs, and real world challenges to re-inforce your skills are only some of the value in Day 2. In the afternoon we will talk about policies and procedures, current standards of the industry, as well as end user education, social engineering, and other very important topics relevant today in all of our environments.

DCS Netlink's .COMbat training series has been a very popular series of classes and seminars, and our students and attendees have raved about its value and real world practical examples.

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We hope you can join us on this fun filled, informative, and useful 2 day ride! Help DCS Netlink "Secure America" by becoming one of our students, understand concepts of network security, and impact those around you by raising awareness in reference to Security in our globally connected Internet world of today!

For more information please contact us today at: 715-236-7424 or 877-327-6385.