Meet Bobby Blackhat 

Over the years DCS Netlink has been asked to make general presentations in reference to Internet Security. We have developed a large variety of Internet Security related talks and Keynote speeches. 

Without a doubt the most popular of all these presentations is "Meet Bobby Blackhat". The DCS

Netlink staff have traveled the nation making this presentation, and everywhere it is seen it causes a stir.
Bobby Blackhat Logo

We have found that Bobby Blackhat as a character, and the visual aspect of this presentation helps to raise awareness and a deeper understanding of the darker element on the Internet. Learn some of the steps you can use in your daily efforts to thwart the efforts of similar individuals around the world.

We hope that you can join us in one of these fun-filled educational presentations.

Meet Bobby Blackhat, a Cyber-Thug from Nowhereville USA. Join his exploits and learn from his tactics as he attacks the server farm of the ACME Widget-Works. Bobby like many misguided individuals around the world started playing with computers as a hobby which has turned to an obsession. His current goal in life is to "Own" (or control) as many computers as possible around the world.

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Join us as we watch his activities as well as begin to understand his motivations and others like him. Learn what you can do to protect your company, as well as that of your customers from Bobby and other misguided individuals that wish to control, damage, and or destroy you, your customers, or our country.

DCS Netlink's .COMbat presentation and training series has been a very popular series of classes and seminars, and our students and attendees have raved about its value and real world practical examples.

Help DCS Netlink "Secure America" by understanding concepts of network security and impact those around you by raising awareness in reference to Security in our computer world of today!

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