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Acclaim Networks worked hand in hand with DCS Netlink to provide many WatchGuard certified training seminars for
our clients across Texas over the last few years. DCS Netlink 
makes the process extremely easy through advanced
coordination, simple pricing, delivery of 
everything the students need to take the course (manuals, firewalls and
even laptops), and of 
course, expert knowledge delivered to the attendees. The feedback we get from clients who
have attended the training is universally positive, followed by inquiries as to when they can sign up for the next, more
advanced course to extend their knowledge. It’s also extremely common 
for us to sell additional or upgraded firewalls
to the attendees after they are trained on the full 
range of features and functionalities available on the
WatchGuard XTM platform. The ability to 
offer training in conjunction with DCS Netlink helps us keep our WatchGuard customers engaged, happy and very well-educated on how to use their firewalls in order to maximise the security of their

David Yandry, President 

Acclaim Networks


Dynamic Computer Solutions of Topeka, Inc. has used DCS Netlink for advanced Watchguard
training "onsite" at our facility in Topeka over the last couple of years. We've trained 8
customers and 2 DCST staff and found their training to be superb! … attendees receive "hands
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on" training on actual equipment, not a website or virtual machine. All attendees become
certified WG technicians after passing a cert test at the end of the course. Through this
excellent training, DCS Netlink has let us become more "sticky" with our key customers who
attend this training.

Mitch Miller, President 
Dynamic Computer Solutions of Topeka


I work as the Network Administrator for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). Before joining ASPS, my experience
and gained to firewalls was limited to MS Proxy Server 2.0. I attended the Firewalling Basic with and gained
a much better understanding of the capabilities of an X5500e. Our instructor went out of his way to make sure that
better describe all of us in the class understood the materials. He was also kind enough to stay after the class better describe
exactly how our company's configuration file was set up and to offer suggestions for improvement. He has helped
out several times since my taking the class with difficult firewall problems our company has faced. When the situation
presents itself again, I will definitely take another class with Mike and DCS Netlink.

Sean Stech
Network Administrator
American Society of Plastic Surgeons            ________________________________________________________________________________

High Five Hands Together
Several years ago my company, MMG Worldwide, had been sold on the WatchGuard platform by a different vendor. Unimpressed by that vendor's installation and firewall security practices, I went in search of training so that I could take control of my own firewall security. I looked at several training options, and found DCS Netlink to be the best versed in WatchGuard technologies. My initial course in the Chicago area. I walked out that class with a mastery of the WatchGuard concepts, and a real world game plan for the changes I was going to make to our WatchGuard’s configuration. Time away from the office is difficult to come by, but even more rare is time in the office dedicated to thinking solely about my firewall configuration. The two day class gave me that time to focus on that issue and give it the thought it deserves.

WatchGuard’s systems have evolved since that initial class. I found so much value in that initial experience that I have attended two more classes hosted by DCS. DCS has become my vendor of choice for WatchGuard products, services, and training.

Tony Sheets
Director of IT and Operations
MMG Worldwide


WatchGuard boxes stacked up with Championship Trophy
I was able to use the information from the course immediately, and have a much better understanding of everything our firewall does. The instructor was very knowledgeable in a wide array of security and networking topics, and added more supporting information to the coursework. He also took the extra time to review questions that I had regarding my own firewall configuration after class time.

Chad Edwards
First National Bank Of River Falls


I work for a trucking company as an IT for 3 stores in Chicago. A few years ago I purchased a WatchGuard Firebox 700.
The manual gave me little help on how to manipulate the firewall to my liking. I went to WatchGuard about a year ago
and filled out a few forms online, and a few weeks later I received a call from DCS Netlink. I was talking to Pete Adams.
He told me how his company offers classes that go in great depth on the Firebox 700. I signed up for the Firewalling
Basics and VPN class. I went in thinking that I would be able to do a lot, but apparentlyI, was wrong. As it turns out
DCS Netlink showed me that my impression of a lot was actually a little. I now have complete control over my network,
and I consider my company to be helping with "Home Land Security". Thanks to DCS Netlink.

Nick Igyarto
Chicago Mack Sales & Service, Inc.