Trade in your Firewall 

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WatchGuard values their customers, as well as realizes that Internet Security in today’s environment is an ever evolving and changing landscape. Due to this, WatchGuard continues to add new features to their entire product line. When new products come out, WatchGuard realizes that many of their existing and potential clients may desire some of the new features, speed and flexibility of the WatchGuard product line. For this reason WatchGuard has developed a Firebox Trade-Up Program to allow current customers to "Trade-Up" their existing WatchGuard Firewall for the newer models at drastically reduced prices. WatchGuard has also launched a Trade-In program for individuals that have a competitive firewall appliance and wish to have the WatchGuard features, simplicity, and support.

If you'd like more information about the Competitive Trade-in program let us know and we will be happy to help.

Firebox Trade-Up Program
WatchGuard Family of Boxes
The WatchGuard Firebox Trade-up program is available to existing WatchGuard customers who have a Firebox X Edge, X Core, X Peak, or any of the E-Series models. Once again WatchGuard is showing their current customers that they value their business, as well are concerned for their security. The ability to trade-up a firewall that may be as many as 6+ years old, shows their customer loyalty!

Click here for official program requirements and eligibility.

This program isn't guaranteed to be in effect from quarter to quarter so please verify with us that is still an active program!