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In business since 1990, DCS Netlink has been an aggressive company taking a leadership stance in the IT community. Teamwork, leadership, and strong

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customer relationships have helped us grow to the company that we are today. Since our inception we have offered networking services and support, sub-contracting, and consulting in the IT arena. In 1999 DCS Netlink started an ISP operation specializing in website development, email, and high speed Internet access via wireless radio connections. To date DCS Netlink has more than 2500 customers nationwide servicing a wide variety of customer needs.

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Soon after deploying the ISP side of our operations, we realized that the majority of the customers we dealt with day in day out really had no understanding of the complex issues of Internet Security. The Internet based attacks, viruses and exploits seemed to be rising more and more every day. We felt a strong need and responsibility to not only lock down our customers from Internet based threats, but also to help raise awareness to the real world of doing business on the Internet. We started teaching seminars and classes on Internet Security to literally anyone who was willing to listen. We launched a seminar series called .Combat. The focus of .Combat was to watch, learn, and protect our nation from the bad guys represented by our personal CyberThug "Bobby Blackhat".

As a WatchGuard Expert Business Partner, it only seemed a natural fit to teach others how to more effectively secure their networks with the WatchGuard product line. DCS Netlink has a true passion for Internet Security and the WatchGuard products. It shows in everything we do. We really view raising awareness and teaching others as not only part of our business, but our responsibility as citizens of the United States. Each of our students that have ever trained with us understand fully that we view each student as an extension of our team. We are all responsible for Internet Security in our own businesses and regions, and as a team, we can more effectively help secure America.

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Just about every student that we have ever taught in our training sessions has contacted us after training at some point for more coaching and one-on-one training, and many we speak to regularly. Sometimes students bring questions, and at other times they bring answers and tips and tricks. Together we have formed a network of Security professionals that spans the U.S. 

We invite you to become a member of that team, whether through service and support, or through learning from our Instructors who when not teaching the WatchGuard product line work in the realms of WatchGuard and Internet Security every day. We work and teach from experience rather than book knowledge.