Why WatchGuard? 

To DCS Netlink the answer is simple, and we mean that literally - SIMPLE. With rising security risks associated with the Internet daily, the days of installing a firewall and forgetting about it are over. Our customers need a firewall that they can manage without months of training. They need a firewall that gives them the ability to see what is going on now! Watch traffic inbound and outbound visually in a simple interface, create reports, see whether their VPN tunnels to a branch office are functional, and they need all of it to be simple, quick, and secure. WatchGuard firewalls provide all of the features customers need and want whether they are a small business or a large scale enterprise. With advanced features such as application proxies and Intrusion Detection and Prevention, WatchGuard stops the bad guys fast.

Our question to you would be: Why choose another firewall?

  • Simple, easy to understand interface.
  • Advanced logging and reporting functionality.
  • Visual live time monitoring and management.
  • Control which sites your users can view.
  • Notification of security vulnerabilities.
  • Educational email broadcast on a variety of security topics.
  • VPN capability for your traveling users.
  • Branch Office VPN for your remote sites.
  • Advanced application proxies to remove bad traffic.
  • IPS/IDS functionality to stop hackers cold!
  • Upgrade you firewall features without buying new hardware.
  • Multiple DMZ interfaces.
  • Manage all of your firewalls from one location.
  • Firewalls for every size organization.
  • And much, much more ........

Call DCS Netlink today for more information at 715-236-7424 or 877-327-6385, or go to our "Which product is right for you?" page and take a virtual tour to learn how the WatchGuard Firewall is perfect for your organization.