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DCS Netlink has been a WatchGuard Certified Training Partner company for many years now. Our WatchGuard firewall training instructors work day in and day out with the WatchGuard firewall product line, supporting customers of all sizes around the nation. We train our students from experience rather than book knowledge. When not teaching, our instructors help customers fine-tune their firewalls, diagnose problems, as well as help engineer new solutions on a daily basis.We teach how to use your WatchGuard firewall and all of its features, but more importantly, we teach the "why" you would use this feature.

We answer frequently asked questions like:  Will this feature negatively impact my company operations? How can I use this feature to lock down my computers more effectively? What does this check mark or button do? Where would I use it? How can I accomplish what my CEO is asking of me?

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Ransombear Video

WatchGuard Training Ransombear YouTube Video

"How to Avoid Falling Prey to Ransomware"

Here is a WatchGuard training video of WatchGuard Trainer Dane Deutsch discussing the new WatchGuard Threat Detection and Response service.  This video also includes an "eye-opening" demonstration of LIVE Ransomware being stopped.  See for yourself how effective WatchGuard's new Threat Detection and Response service is at stopping Ransomware even if your users click on an infected file:

WatchGuard Training - Threat Detection and Response

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If you have any questions about your WatchGuard firewall or would like to learn more about how to effectively manage your firewall, then DCS Netlink is the right training team for you. We have formed long lasting relationships with nearly every student that has ever gone through our classes. Most students use our team as a resource years after the training class has ended. Give us a call to speak to one of our instructors - 877-327-6385.


WatchGuard Firewalling XTM Basics

Our WatchGuard Fireware XTM basics class covers just about every feature of the WatchGuard Firebox XTM product! This is a single 3-day course, that as an added benefit, we also incorporate the VPN class into as well. It is jam
WatchGuard boxes stacked on top of one another in a pile
packed with hands-on labs, and in-depth explanations of the features of the WatchGuard Firewall, including the newest features of the XTM release. It doesn't matter the amount of WatchGuard specific knowledge that you currently have, everyone learns something from this class! Modules include Administration, Network settings, Logging, Monitors, NAT, Policies, Proxies, Authentication, Reputation Enabled Defense (RED), Reports, Web UI, as well as the added topics dealing with software and site-to-site VPNs. If you have a WatchGuard you'll learn how to use it more effectively! End of story!

Each student in our Fireware XTM Basics works through the entire features of the WatchGuard Firebox, from initial setup to creating scheduled reports. We provide a firewall and laptop for each student to use during the class as well as the official student guide for them to keep. We encourage students to bring in network maps of their systems, as well as an electronic copy of their firewall config files. After class we offer to spend one on one time with students, reviewing their networks, as well as making recommendations how to lock down their Firebox more effectively. When you are in our classes, we view our time as your time, and it is not uncommon to have students hang out until late in the evenings. Believe it or not, students have actually brought in their WatchGuard firewalls, and re-programmed them after hours to match up to what the student has learned during the day!

When the class is completed, and if you are interested in becoming a WatchGuard Certified Professional, we can assist you in receiving a test link. So, while the information is fresh in your mind, you can take the certification test and PASS.


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We at DCS Netlink have a true passion for Internet Security, and we LOVE the WatchGuard product line. We truly enjoy our work, and that flows into our classes and enhances the student experience. Internet security is a serious topic in today's
environment, but we can also have fun while learning more! We love teaching, and to our instructors, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing that light come on in a student's eyes the first time a complex topic is finally understood.
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During our classes, we demonstrate and talk about all kinds of Internet security topics that extend beyond the WatchGuard Firewall boundaries but impact us every day. You will see port probe tools, watch attacks as they hit your firewall, talk about topics such as "packet sniffing", and gain valuable information as to where you can go for more information.

We look forward to meeting you at our next class!

If you have any questions, please feel free to call, we will gladly put you on the phone with one of our instructors!

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